Study in Czec Republic

Study in Czec Republic

Czech Republic is a well developed country, with a rich economy founded on an export-oriented social market. It is also a member of the EU, and bordered by 4 well known European countries. This make it a perfect location for international students to gain their education, with access to industry based job opportunities.
Whilst the official language is Czech, thousands of courses are taught in English throughout higher education institutions. There is a mixture of public and private universities, as well as 2 state institutions. Across these institutions, there are more than 43,000 international students.

Long Tradition of Quality Education 
The Czech Republic has a high quality education system, specializing in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. It is home to the oldest university in Central Europe, The Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348. Ranked in the top 20 countries in the world for its education system, the Czech Republic is the ideal destination for international students wanting to study abroad.

The range of study programmes
Czech universities offer long-standing reputations, unique conception, and interesting specializations. Students can come for a short study visitor to complete their degree in a wide range of traditional as well as newly-emerging disciplines.

Offer for international students
Over 42,000 foreign students are studying at Czech higher education institutions and their interest is growing as the offer of study programmes in foreign language (especially in English) is increasing. Czech universities are more and more involved in a wide range of international cooperation activities and programmes taking place in the European Union and other countries.

Cultural experience
Due to its geographic location the Czech Republic is situated in the intersection of many cultures. The country’s culture was historically formed mainly by Slavonic, German (Austrian) and Jewish influence, which resulted in a rich Central-European culture heritage and lifestyle. The Czech Republic is sure to entertain you in between your studies!

Living Cost
The costs of living in Czech Republic are not as high as the cost in Western Europe and the life is thus more affordable.

Every year, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports offer scholarships to support foreign students at Czech public universities:

1.      Government Scholarships (under foreign development cooperation)
2.      Scholarship Awards under Bilateral International Agreements on Co-operation in the Field of Education.