Our services


Counseling about Courses and University selection
We provide counseling about all the courses in each country that you are interested to study and also explain the brief overview of career opportunities after graduation in that respective country.

We explain in detail about the University standards in each country to the choice of study that will be useful for your future career.

Many Universities offer scholarships for merit students to study in abroad. There is a separate application process for this, we will help you how to grab this opportunity. 

Document preparation and Admission
Every University has their own application procedure to study in the respective country. We will guide you what kind of documents you need to prepare to get the admission.

Prerequisite exams
In order to study in abroad, students need to obtain good scores in some prerequisite exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc.  Every Country and also University has their own set of requirements to have the level of scores for these exams. We guide you which exam you need to prepare and also how much you need to score in order to get the admission in the University.

Pre-visa counseling and Documentation
After getting the admission, you need to apply for the visa embassy. We guide you what kind of things you need to prepare for the visa documentation.  

Explaining about in details of the program
There are different courses in each University either in the Bachelors or Masters program. We guide the students to explore in details of the course.

Guidance of Foreign languages
Especially when you are planning to study in Europe, Each country uses their own language, so in order to survive in that country, students should learn a minimum basic level of language. We help you to find out the language centers in your city or learning through online centers and also give counseling on how to learn a new language.

Supporting Accommodation and Travel
Getting accommodation in a new country is a challenging task. We guide you on how to find accommodation and also what kind of things you need to carry when you are traveling first time abroad.

Explaining about Culture and How to Adopt
Staying in a new country is a different experience of life.  Every country has its own culture and different climate conditions as well as different food habits. We guide you on how to adopt the new culture quickly and survive friendly with other nations.