Student Support

How to make CV in foreign format
Curriculum Vitae (CV) explains about your educational details, work experience, computer knowledge as well as skills of expertise in your field and also other extra or co-curricular activities. We help you how to make CV in a foreign format as per University/Country standards.

How to write Motivation Letters
It is a one of the major requirements in order to get the admission in the University. Motivation letter explains why you are interested in that particular course that you are applying for as well as that University. We help you how to write such a formal letter.

Guiding about to prepare Recommendation Letters
Recommendation Letters also plays a main role as getting in the admission process. We guide you where you have to get the recommendation letters and how to prepare it in a proper way.     

Guiding about to finding part time jobs
There are many part time jobs available for students in abroad. Many students work during their studies in order to survive themselves which could be useful to pay them rent, health insurance, food and other expenses. We guide you how to find part time jobs in a new country.

Internship programs
There are also many internship programs available for students in the industry. It is a good opportunity to do an internship during your studies as per course curriculum in the respective industry. It will greatly boost your career prospects after graduation to getting a full time job. We guide you how to find internship programs in the industry.